Our Core Values

Dart Appraisal's five core values are the cornerstone of our company. To ensure our commitment to superior customer service, the management team at Dart has instilled a culture that places an emphasis on innovative technology and providing clients with a differentiated experience.

Dart's business model has created an ideal blend of people, process and technology with people being the most critical element. Team members regard all client communication and interactions as an opportunity to exemplify the company's five core values:

Sense of Urgency

Crucial to the success of Dart's ideology is the significance of timing while maintaining the highest standards for accuracy and quality. The company's process is built on driving orders through the prescribed tasks within the approved durations.

Dig Deeper

Dart differentiates itself from its competition by diligently researching open issues or questions that delay orders. This approach has resulted in a fact-finding culture that places an emphasis on quality, the results of which are demonstrated in timely performance and quality product.

Positive Attitude

Attitude is the most important characteristic Dart's management team evaluates when bringing on new team members. While attention to detail and task follow through skills are critical, attitude is the company's top criteria.

Customer Focused

Our success is based first and foremost on the development of strong, long-term partnerships with our clients. The staff at Dart Appraisal takes the customer's perspective when approaching any task. This approach allows team members to better anticipate our clients' needs and become true customer advocates.

Continuous Improvement

"You can always be better tomorrow than you were today," is the mindset behind our Continuous Improvement core value. Team members are encouraged not to simply accept the status quo, but to make suggestions on how to improve efficiency through processes and procedures.