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Dart iQTM

Dart's highly effective QC review tool can reduce your risk and shorten underwriting timelines.

Dart iQ complements human expertise with intelligent QC Technology.

With Dart iQ, an extensive automated review flags issues that fall outside appraisal industry guidelines and the client's customized appraisal review rule set. A QC auditor then works with the appraiser to resolve any potential report deficiencies before delivering the final product to the lender, which can reduce or eliminate the time spent on revisions.

Dart iQ can also be utilized for pre- or post-funding QC review.

Dart iQ features include:

  • Customizable rule set tailored to client requirements.
  • Automatic prediction of investor/GSE warnings and common problems.
  • Analysis of comparable sales, including rankings of sales against each other within a specified area.
  • Thousands of checkpoints reviewed and resolved.
  • Direct coordination between Dart and the appraiser to reconcile flagged checkpoints before report delivery.
  • Enhanced compliance efforts for lenders that manage their own appraiser panel.
  • Summary report available on every order.

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