Troy, MI, June 15, 2011 - Dart Appraisal, the Troy, Mich.-based provider of nationwide residential real estate valuations, today announced their integration to RealEC Technologies Inc., the leading provider of collaborative network solutions in the mortgage industry. Dart Appraisal provides RealEC clients with direct access to a comprehensive line of compliant appraisal products and services, from ordering and appointment scheduling to online payment options and status tracking.

Through the collaboration and integration of leading mortgage industry technologies, Dart Appraisal and RealEC will transform a client's PC or LOS system into a safe, secure and fully integrated portal for the fulfillment of real estate appraisals. This partnership eliminates the need for Dart Appraisal to use the web interface and manually retrieve and deliver RealEC client orders and products, streamlining the appraisal process.

 For a lender, the operational benefits of a bi-directional integration between itself and Dart Appraisal on the RealEC platform include direct order submission, automatic status updates, report uploading and transmission of .xml data to the lender's system and invoicing to specific lender branches directly. Innovative features that will further streamline the appraisal turn-time for clients include delivery and verification of payment information to immediately secure the order, and closings in real time at the point of sale. Using all of the available technology offered by this integration reduces overall appraisal turn-time by locking in the necessary components in advance, thereby circumventing any future appraisal coordination and possible delays with borrowers.

"We are pleased to partner with RealEC to offer fully-compliant appraisal services to our clients," said Darton Case, chief executive officer of Dart Appraisal. "Along with our strong commitment to innovation, technology and service, Dart Appraisal brings 18 years of nationwide appraisal experience to this collaboration. Lenders choosing our services can feel confident that they will receive a high-quality appraisal from an experienced professional who is knowledgeable in their region."

Dart Appraisal has moved quickly to support its clients through the rapid changes occurring in the mortgage marketplace. Through its DartLink technology, the AMC completed integrations with FNC, HomeTracker, Mortgage Builder Software and PLATINUMdata Solutions, while also updating its Ellie Mae integration, to accommodate changes to regulations throughout the marketplace.

RealEC operates the RealEC Exchange, the leading electronic partner network (EPN) in the mortgage industry, and provides partner connectivity, automated vendor management, advanced data capture and document management services to more than 2,000 mortgage originators (including 17 of the top 20) and more than 13,000 service providers.