Marriage of innovative mortgage technologies offers HVCC compliance, streamlined order fulfillment

Troy, MI, August 26, 2009 - Dart Appraisal, the Troy, Mich.-based provider of nationwide residential real estate valuations, today announced their integration to mortgage technology company FNC Inc., a pioneer in real estate collateral information technology. FNC's clients are among the largest mortgage industry lenders, including MetLife Bank, Union Bank, and Wachovia (a Wells Fargo company).

Most recently, mortgage lenders turned to FNC platforms for help in complying with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC). Dart Appraisal offers superior technology and proven results for delivery of HVCC-complaint appraisal services.

As a marriage of innovative mortgage technologies, the collaboration between Dart Appraisal and FNC will create a secure, bi-directional communication link for required data. The direct interface will transmit necessary data between the two firms and their respective platforms. The integration will also facilitate payment between mortgage borrowers or brokers and Dart Appraisal.

The direct interface allows Dart Appraisal to receive appraisal requests from an FNC Collateral Management System (CMS ) client. Dart Appraisal fulfills the order and then delivers the completed appraisal back to the client through FNC's AppraisalPort , an online portal designed to securely deliver appraisal orders and completed valuation products. This partnership eliminates the need for Dart Appraisal to use the web interface and manually retrieve and deliver FNC client orders and products, streamlining the appraisal process.

'FNC is always excited to have new vendors integrate with AppraisalPort, the nation's leading portal for delivering secure valuation documents in the AIReady data format required by the nation's largest residential real estate mortgage lenders,' said Shawn Telford, FNC CMS product manager. 'We are happy to be able to offer our lender clients direct, secure access to Dart Appraisal's services.'

'The integration of Dart Appraisal with FNC is an ideal combination of leading mortgage industry technologies,' said Darton Case, chief executive officer of Dart Appraisal. 'Our stringent quality control measures and streamlined processes offer proven results to our clients.'