Dart Appraisal Announces Integration with FHA's EAD Portal

June 8, 2016, Troy, MI - Dart Appraisal today announced its integration with the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal. The portal is a web-based technology system that enables electronic transmission of appraisal reports to FHA from FHA mortgagees and/or their designated third-party service provider(s) prior to loan endorsement.   

FHA-approved lenders will be required to use the EAD portal effective June 27, 2016. Through the EAD portal, mortgagees can simultaneously submit multiple appraisal reports, search for previously submitted appraisal report files, clear "hard stops," and view reports.

"Integrating with the EAD portal adds a layer of efficiency for our clients by removing any potential for errors or delays that could be introduced by manually uploading appraisal reports," said Michael Dresden, president of Dart Appraisal. "Dart Appraisal is constantly trying to leverage our technology to create innovative solutions for the mortgage industry. Our singular focus remains streamlining and improving the appraisal process for our clients, which this integration helps to accomplish."