Troy, MI, February 1, 2011 - Dart Appraisal, a leading independent provider of nationwide real estate valuations, and Cimulus, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based provider of custom business software, announce the launch of our new precision assignment technology that allows for automatic matching of appraisal requests with qualified service providers.

The Auto Assign technology automates the selection process and ensures that the most appropriate appraiser receives the assignment. It accomplishes this by matching the assignment to the appraiser's certifications, proximity to the subject, experience, turn-time and quality, and then determining the best match for the particular assignment. Additionally, specific appraiser assignment criteria received from lenders will be included in the selection process. Auto Assign technology will reconcile the selected appraiser to any applicable appraiser lists from the investor, ensuring that the order meets all of the specified criteria.

Dart Appraisal and Cimulus have worked together for nearly five years to develop software and systems that help streamline and automate Dart Appraisal's unique, service-oriented business processes. The latest module provides sophisticated, rule-based matching of incoming appraisal requests with independent field appraisers.

"This is a great example of technology that benefits all parties," said Michael Dresden, president of Dart Appraisal by ensuring their jobs are assigned immediately. Our appraisers benefit from the speed as well, plus the additional rules ensure a better first-pass match and more intelligent distribution of the lenders appraisal orders.

"Many of our clients order appraisals after hours and this technology allows for immediate assignment around the clock, seven days a week, eliminating any delay in the process. Additionally, for Dart Appraisal, it lets us scale operations quickly to meet demand, while allowing our representatives to focus more on problem-solving tasks that bring more value to the company and our customers," Dresden added.

Dennis Carmichael, president of Cimulus, described the system as "a great example of using artificial intelligence to streamline an otherwise labor-intensive process." "The new technology can assign an appraisal request, taking all of Dart Appraisal's business and 'best practice' rules into account fairly and accurately," he added, "and it will do it around the clock without requiring any human interaction."